My Original 2015 Apple Watch in 2017🍏


Watch Series 3.

Apple released the best and fastest Watch this year. The Watch Series 3. They’ve added a feature this year that they wanted to add since the beginning. Cellular. So now you can use your Watch all the time, even when your iPhone is not around. You can easily distinguish the Series 3 because, as you might have noticed, it has a red dot on the digital crown. But if you look closer you’ll also notice it is about 1,5mm thicker. Which is huge. A huge engineering accomplishment for building in all the cellular features and a faster processor, without actually making it a lot bigger. Apple started selling much more Watches since the Series 2 but the Series 3 has taken that number up even more.

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HomePod delayed!


A Space Gray HomePod.

Apple today released a statement that they would be delaying the HomePod to early 2018. So we will probably not see a HomePod until January. I was really planning on buying one in December as a gift for myself but I’ll have to scratch that idea now… Dang! This is what Apple had to say about the HomePod delay:

“We can’t wait for people to experience HomePod, Apple’s breakthrough wireless speaker for the home, but we need a little more time before it’s ready for our customers. We’ll start shipping in the US, UK, and Australia in early 2018.”


Apple Releases CLIPS 2.0


Selfie Scene on iPhone X.

Clips 2.0 was released yesterday! Go download it now and enjoy Selfie Scenes for immersive, 360-degree selfies on iPhone X. This release also includes New Artistic Effects, Redesigned UI and Star Wars Content! Take a look at some examples down below.

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Press release from Apple about the iPhone X reviews


Apple just released a statement about what reviewers have to say about their new iPhone. Which is something Apple doesn’t do very often, so okay! Will these positive quotes change someones mind if they didn’t want the iPhone X when it was announced? I am not so sure about that. Of course every good review is good news for Apple. After the small mishap during the Keynote, people really need to trust FaceID and if their favourite reviewer says its great, it will definitely help. Lets hope the customers also like the iPhone X. I’ll definitely try my best to get my hands on one asap and write a review.

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