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My dream Apple set-up! 🍏

Schermafbeelding 2018-05-07 om 13.11.05.png

Everybody has some kind of “dream” set-up or collection. In todays blog post I’ll go over all the different devices I’d love to have, and why!

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HomePod showdown

If you want to know more about the HomePod and how it compares to a few hot smart speakers, I really really recommend ready this article. More from this writer: SERENITY CALDWELL

Airplay 2? Stereo HomePods? 🍏


Just yesterday, Apple finally gave us a date for it’s HomePod smart speaker. Releasing a lot of extra info that we didn’t get last summer when the HomePod was first introduced. Personally, I am really interested in the HomePod. I only have one smart speaker right now, a SONOS PlayBase. I only use it for music 1% of the time. And while it sounds great, I bought it for my TV, not to listen music with it. I would love a HomePod on my desk. Maybe one in my bathroom/bedroom as well. I’ll see what one can do first. Continue Reading

HomePod delayed!

Apple today released a statement that they would be delaying the HomePod to early 2018. So we will probably not see a HomePod until January. I was really planning on buying one in December as a gift for myself but I’ll have to scratch that idea now… Dang! This is what Apple had to say […]

Apple Event late October?

Today I read somewhere that Apple might do another Event this year. A late October Event like they did last year when they introduced the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. Now, why would Apple do this? To me it feels like there has to be more news about the HomePod and the iMac Pro. Will […]

Hardware at WWDC 2017


For a few years now, WWDC was filled with software. This year Apple finally found a new way to announce a ton of software AND hardware. In this post I’ll discuss the hardware announced at this years WWDC.

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