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REVIEW: Twelve South HiRise Pro for iMac and displays


I’ll start this review with a little story. I have a 15 inch MacBook Pro. Which is a good size but for me isn’t big enough to do video editing, movie watching. So a few years ago I bought a 27 inch monitor. Since I bought it, the monitor has been sitting on a few books to make higher. A cinematography guide, a Guinness World Records book and 2 books about sharks. They have served me well. But when I was planning on upgrading my desk, I started looking for a monitor stand. There are a lot of cool stands, but I didn’t see any I really liked. About a month later when the iMac Pro shipped, I finally found one. The Twelve South, HighRise Pro for iMac and Displays.

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Introducing our own wallpapers (and some more) 🍏


Everyone who loves technology equally has a love for quality in a finished product. A wallpaper plays an important part in achieving this ‘perfection’ in a finished product. It has the energy to stand out, draw attention and most important making your device whether it’s a laptop or a smartphone yours.

We here at notthefruit would like to share this passion for wallpapers to you guys. I have skimmed the internet for the best sources of quality wallpapers. The wallpaper are for most iDevices but you can use them for either device.

Find the links below.

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