Apple releases iOS 11.2.5 beta 1

iOS 11.3 beta 1 released.001


Apple – Inclusion & Diversity – Open

This video… I mean really. This message/video is absolutely perfect. These video’s are why I love Apple more than any other company. Also really like the music, as well. I happen to listen to a lot of Soundtracks so I recognised it immediately. It’s a song from the movie Arrival called Kangaru by Johan Johannsson.

(updated) iMac Pro available 12/14

iMac Pro

Apple just announced an availability date for the long awaited iMac Pro. The iMac Pro is going to be the most powerful Mac, ever.  The 8 and 10 core versions of the iMac Pro will be available on the 14th of December and the 18-core version will be available early 2018.

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REVIEW: iPhone X, the iPhone that made me fall in love with iPhone all over again🍏

iPhone X shoot (1 of 1)

The box of the iPhone X.

I really wanted to get familiar with the new iPhone before I started to write a review. By the time this will be posted it will probably be about a month. I was lucky enough to get my iPhone X the day of the launch. The only reason for that was because I got up extremely early pre order morning and was one of the first to order one. Getting my iPhone on launch day is actually something that I never had before, this was my very first time! Usually I got it 2-3 weeks after but now I was one of the first. What did I buy? I bought the iPhone X in Space Gray (Also really like the Silver but everyone has the silver… 😉) with 256GB’s of storage. My previous iPhone was a 128 model that had 29GB’s free so I couldn’t buy the 64GB model. So, a 256. Which costs, in Belgium: 1329 euro’s. (That is 1.538,37 US dollars 😳) Yes, that hurts. But, I was already prepared since the rumours of a high price had been floating around for about 1 month before the Keynote. I am going to break down this review in a few sections. First let’s talk about the thing you’ll notice first, no not ‘the notch’ the OLED, Super Retina Display.

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Welcome back, little Mac!


Today my Mac returned home safely. I got a new display and right IO board. Let’s hope this fixes my issues! I’ll keep you guys posted! And of course you guys can expect the iPhone X review soon!

MacBook Pro with Touch Bar problems

Opening my Mac sometimes reveals a red screen.

I just wanted to share a little inside information. My Mac is currently getting some fixing. I own a MacBook Pro with Touch bar from 2016. I recently started to see some spots in my display. I’ve also had some graphic glitches for a while. Where my screen would turn completely red. When this happened, a restart would fix the problem but it’s so annoying and not what you expect from a €3000+ machine. I also had one USB-C port that sometimes wouldn’t work for a day and then suddenly work again the next. No idea why. When I had the same a few days ago, I had enough. I brought it in and they’re currently looking at what they can do. I’ll keep you guys updated as I get more info.

So, it will be quiet until I get it back. Because typing this on my iPhone wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be! 😉

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