About us

notthefruit is a small Apple/Technology blog. We write about Apple products, mostly. A few accessories may also appear from time to time, if we think they’re worth it. We are based in Belgium.

Writer Vincent:

I am a 21 year old guy who likes gadgets, technology, Apple and making/watching movies. I started notthefruit in 2017. Since I have a full time job at an Apple Premium Reseller, I can’t write all the time. So my goal in 2018 was recruiting some friends (and colleagues) to help me. I make most of the graphics we use in our posts and try to review anything we write. Out of all my tasks, I like writing the most. I studied film for a while(didn’t finish) so I do like photography and Movie making. Oh and, that might become handy with the future plans we have… 😉


I studied Movie Directing(didn’t finish) and love cinematography 🎥📸

I live in Belgium 🇧🇪

My first Apple product was a grey iPod nano 🎼🎧

My current phone is a Space Gray iPhone X 256GB 📱

Favourite Apple Product I currently own: iPhone X 👌🏻👍🏻😍

Writer Frederik:

I am a 22 years old, Apple fanatic and sports fan. I started writing for notthefruit early 2018. I work at the same Apple Premium Reseller as Vincent. In my spare time I watch and read a lot about technology and play volleybal. My biggest dream is to travel the world. I love hiking in beautiful nature with a camera in my hand.


Addicted to TicTac’s (I even collect the special boxes)

I live in Belgium 🇧🇪

My first Apple product was an iPod touch

My current phone is a Space Gray iPhone X 256GB 📱

Favourite Apple Product I currently own: AirPods

Writer Ming:

Hi everyone, I’m a Belgian-based tech-enthousiast. I’m passionate about technology and gadgets in the way it enhances and changes our lives. Furthermore I’m a sucker for traveling, taking picture’s, meeting new people and getting introduced to new culture’s.

I make it my mission to give our audience strong and useful content to help you expand your knowledge, make purchase decisions and be more comfortable shifting yourself to the digital age.


All time Dragon Ball Z & Naruto Fan

Big time music lover

My first Apple product was an iPod 3rd Gen

My current phone is a iPhone 8 Plus (Space Gray)

Favorite Apple Product of all time: iPhone 4



PS: You won’t find any leaks about Apple on this website.