app sunday.001

This is a weekly post about the applications we use ourselves or the ones we tried out

  1. Critical Ops: We all know CS:GO (don’t we?). Your first person shooter where you have to plant or disable a bomb depending on which team you play in. This is the main game mode. You also have the standard deathmatch and gun game. In the game mode “Gun Game” you will upgrade your weapon when you kill an enemy. If you get killed you’ll start with a basic firearm again. There are no extra costs, all weapons are available! Only the skins come thru upgrades by playing or purchasing.
    I really enjoy to play this game with friends! It’s easy to start a game or join one your friend is already playing! The fact that it’s so open and doesn’t require you to buy anything is amazing. Even the buttons are customisable!!! It’s older but a lot of fun.
  2. Prisma: This app isn’t the one you’ll use to make your photos more beautiful. It exists so you can make them more surprising, different and probably unexpected! You take or pick a photo from your library. You can add different effects on them so they have a totally different look! These are not just “filters”. Your photo will transform to an oil painting or drawing with pencil.
    I liked the app more in the beginning than I do now. The reason for it are the pushed payments. They want you to take a subscription to unlock more features. Every time I open the app you’ll see it. It’s a good app and it stays a recommendation but because of this change (it used to be all free) I use it less.
  3. Newsify: I follow a lot of blogs and news outlets. It gets difficult to know if I’ve read everything. Newsify lets me combine all these in spot. You can work with RSS addresses or search by name. After you found all your channels you can combine them in folders to organise more efficiently. For example, all technology blogs in one folder and sports in another. The filter for unread posts is amazing, you’ll always know if you have something to read!
    I am a fan. With all the different blogs and sources of news it’s hard to remember if you have read something. It happens to me that I forget one of my favourite sources . Everything combined in one place is very helpful to me! Big recommendation, play around with the app so you know the in’s and out’s and get the best experience! And don’t forget to add notthefruit!
  4. Splicer: We all know the videos on the internet where shots from different movies are combined in an order so you’ll hear a sentence. Well that’s exactly what this app does! You type in your sentence and it will search thru its database. For every word it will find a part from a movie and combine all of them into a short movie¹.
    It’s really fun! There is not a lot to say about this app except that you have to try this out! You want something original to send? Try Splicer! The only downside is the limit of 20 videos a day. So if you enjoy it you’ll have to pay with a subscription. But still a really good one to have on your iDevice, just in case!
  5. Citymapper: Will I catch my train? When does my bus leave? How do I get to my destination with public transport? All questions that Citymapper tries to answer, and it probably will! This easy application will connect you to anywhere using public transport. Wether it’s the train, bus or metro. It’s easy to use, clear how it works and you can even fill in your home and work address! There is no need anymore for dedicated apps from each transportation company. One place, one trip planned. It even has iMessage and Apple Watch support!
    I always use it when I’ll use public transport. It’s clear, it’s correct and combines everything I need to know! No need for anything else. You have been missing out if you didn’t use it before!
    10/10img_0796¹Our splicer example: