app sunday.001

This is a weekly post about the applications we use ourselves or the ones we tried out.

Spark: We all have to deal with recurring mails. That one company trying so hard to get your attention to buy something. Or maybe a regular news letter you stopped reading but never unsubscribed for? Spark is the smart mail app that will only send notifications for mails that are important to you. It learns which mails are recurrent and wont bother to tell you so you can read/delete them when you want it! For people who want more privacy is Spark a good solution. Access to the app can be blocked. Only Touch ID or Face ID can open the app for you.I’ve been using it for a few months now. I’m using my email address from work which has recurring mails to tell me when I’ve to work. I’m not getting notified every time such mail has been received but when I need to check they are nicely organised so I don’t have to search for my unread mails. Big recommendation!


Ikea Place: I think when I state that everybody went to an Ikea in their lifetime I wouldn’t be wrong. Following the trail inside the store you’ll pass a lot of furniture. And when you see something you like you mostly question yourself “Will this even fit?” Well Ikea got you covered! With the Ikea Place app you can see a lot of their furniture inside your house. The app uses AR (Augmented Reality) to place it inside your room. You have the possibility to walk around it and place it how you’d do it in real life.
I really like the simplicity of the app. It’s very easy to use and adjust. It helped me before so I could be sure that it would fit, and it did! It’s not 100% accurate, but 99% I’d say. Before buying something big try it out in Ikea Place. Not sure if it would fit with the current furniture? Place it next to it! You should try it out!


Forest – stay focused: Did you ever had the feeling that you constantly want to browse your phone instead of work or study? Forest will help you try to stay focused! You start the app, and you choose a plant. This will grow during the timer you set! If you reached the goal you’ll see that the planned is fully grown. If you close the app earlier it will die! Sad story, but you should do other things than browse Facebook, so stay focused with Forest!
The idea of an extra target to achieve is simple but effective. Sometimes you are not motivated and it’s hard to stay focused. Because of this simple trick for extra motivation it will help you to achieve the important goal, to work (or study)! I love this concept and in this case it’s very well made.


Dots: In this short addictive game you have to connect the same colored dots. When you’ve connected some dots they disappear from the playing field and get replaced. The more dots you remove, the more points you’ll get! If you can make a square or connect your like up again all those dots of that color will dissapear as well. You have two playing modes: Timed or Moves. In timed you have 60 seconds to get as much points as possible, in moves you are limited to 30 moves! Get your highest score and try to unlock the achievements!
I think it’s a great game because of the simplicity. Yes it will be boring after 10 minutes but that’s not the point of this game! This is the kind that you play on the toilet, waiting for the bus, … when you have some time and nothing to do. I really enjoy it, I hope you too!