REVIEW: Twelve South HiRise Pro for iMac and displays


I’ll start this review with a little story. I have a 15 inch MacBook Pro. Which is a good size but for me isn’t big enough to do video editing, movie watching. So a few years ago I bought a 27 inch monitor. Since I bought it, the monitor has been sitting on a few books to make higher. A cinematography guide, a Guinness World Records book and 2 books about sharks. They have served me well. But when I was planning on upgrading my desk, I started looking for a monitor stand. There are a lot of cool stands, but I didn’t see any I really liked. About a month later when the iMac Pro shipped, I finally found one. The Twelve South, HighRise Pro for iMac and Displays.


The stand itself is made from Aluminium. When I got the box, I was actually very surprised at how heavy the box was. Of course, it does have to support a very heavy iMac Pro or a large display so being heavy is a good thing. Heavy = quality so that’s a big plus. When I then unboxed it, which was a very enjoyable experience btw, I could really feel the quality of the Space Gray Aluminium. Yes, you pay a lot of money for ‘just a stand’ but this really isn’t just a stand. It’s the best stand you can buy right now.


I really like the design of the HighRise Pro. Space Gray is one of my favourite colours( I’ve got a Space Gray Mac, iPhone and Magic Mouse) so this one is the perfect addition to the collection. New for this model is the wood front for the removable panel. Which you can, btw, also flip around to just have the aluminium look if you like that better. Which is very clever design.


When you place your Display on top or your iMac inside, you’ll also find some storage space in the HighRise Pro. This is nothing new, of course, the previous HighRise also had this. But it’s good to have some storage space for a few cables and I even keep my backup drive in there.


Ease of use

When you first open the box, you do have to assemble this product. But because there are only 4 pieces to assemble this is very easy and was done in 30 seconds. You can also choose the hight of your display by sliding the divider in the middle in the different heights, as you can see in the picture above. So it’s easy to setup and easy to change after. I would though if you’re planning on putting your iMac in it, try the hight first since the iMac is resting on that part.


I fully recommend this product to everyone with an iMac(Pro), LG Ultrafine display and even with displays that have a square base who you can just place on top of the HighRise. Of course, the $159 price tag has to be in your budget. You are paying for that extra bit of quality after all.


Images owned by © 2018 Apple Inc.


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