[“App Sunday” : 1]

app sunday.001.pngThis is a weekly post about the applications we use ourselves or the ones we tried out.

  1. Mr. Mood: Short: A very basic application for tracking you personal moods. Every day you show how you felt about your day. All this information accumulates in a few charts so you can look back at certain periods (week, month,…).
    Don’t forget to set an in app reminder, this way you’ll never forget to fill in your mood!I’m using this application for a while know. I’m able to look back at the way I felt from January to now. It’s a very specific application, I think only a select group will enjoy the possibility of tracking their moods.
  2. Clips: Apple’s short and easy video/photo app! You want a short introduction to a party for your friends? Make some clips, put them together with crazy effects, transitions and posters! This app is often forgotten but it’s worth trying out!
    The biggest problem with clips is the anonymity in the social media community! I confess not using the application very often. But when I took the time to learn and use it, I quickly realised it’s a very useful and good app to make short, fun and beautiful videos!
    9/10Ā img_2147
  3. Quartz: Tired of the classic news app? Quartz has you covered! The latest international news stories are told to you in chat! When you are not interested in a certain news story just reply with “next”. The use of emojis makes it feel more modern and youthful.
    I really enjoy reading it from time to time. It’s not as heavy as regular news feeds while still being up-to-date with the world. I recommend it!
    8/10Ā img_2148
  4. Alto’s Odyssey: We all have to wait. If it isn’t for the train or bus you always have to go to the bathroom. Nothing to do? Meet Alto! This indie game is a follow-up of Alto’s AdventureĀ¹. Ā The concept is the same as in the original, you go on an adventure surfing down the landscape trying to stay on your board. As in every game you have a shop where you can buy upgrades to last your journey even longer!
    I bought this app after VincentĀ² recommended it to me. I fell immediately in love with it. To my opinion; This app is fun, has beautiful graphics with an eye for detail and easy to use. I’ve played it a lot and find it sometimes difficult to stop! The creators did a fantastic job, support them by buying it!

Ā¹ Note from writer: I’m glad they didn’t call it “Alto’s Adventure 2”! +1 for creativity
Ā² Who is Vincent? Good question! You can read about the writers under the About us section


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