My dream Apple set-up! 🍏

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Everybody has some kind of “dream” set-up or collection. In todays blog post I’ll go over all the different devices I’d love to have, and why!



Well, let’s not overdo it here. Dream: iMac pro, full option but I want the normal route.

My personal pick would be the 27″ iMac with i5 processor, 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD. I don’t need a super editing/rendering machine but I like good solid speeds when I’m doing something for fun, so i5 with 16GB RAM. I chose 512GB of pure flash storage because it’s the fastest option and I don’t need bulk storage inside the iMac.

For the accessories that ship with the iMac I’d pick the Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad and Magic Mouse 2. Although I really like the trackpad on my Macbook Pro, I prefer the mouse for long duration work.



HomePod… I’ll talk more about it later!


As I stated before, I don’t need a lot of bulk storage built in. I’d prefer an external hard drive to store my photo and video library. My personal preference goes to the Lacie D2 Thunderbolt 3 6TB. It’s big (way to big) and super fast. This gives me the possibility to edit projects straight from the external storage.



An iPhone for me is an important daily driver. I do a LOT of work on it if I can. I’ve a few specifications I really care about: camera, screen and new features.

The iPhone X is the perfect mix for all of this. Although I’d immediately buy an “iPhone X plus”, I’m really happy with the “Bigger screen in a smaller form factor” from the current flagship iPhone.

The quality of the display is amazing! It is the most beautiful screen Apple put in an iPhone! The accurate colour reproduction, the awesome contrast with deep blacks and good visibility in all conditions. I LOVE IT

The other amazing aspect from this iPhone is the camera. With the dual modules you can take astonishing Portrait² photo’s. And when you take a regular photo or video you can see a lot of detail in the end result. The way the iPhone processes this information into a beautiful balanced end result is the reason why I don’t bother to take an extra camera with me anymore.

Last but not least: “new features”. I’m a nerd, I like it when my iPhone does crazy things nobody expected a few years ago (like FaceID). I just love to discover new ways to navigate through my iPhone even faster. Being more efficient with swipes, 3D touches, and other gestures.


First of all, iPad or Macbook. It’s a tough one to choose, but I’m going for iPad because of the presence of the iMac I picked earlier.

1200x630bbWhen I’m on the go I don’t have the need for a big screen with a lot of power inside. But I will use it intensive for daily work (mails, browsing the web, Netflix, …) and some creative work. I’m not a big photography fanatic but I do love beautiful photo’s. I want to be able to do at least the very basics with them to improve my skills. On the other hand, when studying I want to be able to write physically. Goodnotes 4 is an amazing application for example!

The combination of all those activities drove my decision to the iPad Pro 10″ with 256GB without Cellular¹. I can be creative with the Apple Pencil and also take notes with them. I wont need a lot of paper in the future. If I want to watch a movie the four speakers will give me the best sound possible in an iPad and this all in a compact body.

Apple Watch

If I didn’t live in Belgium I’d pick the Apple Watch series 3 with cellular¹. Because this isn’t possible I have to take the regular Apple Watch series 3 with only GPS. I’m currently struggling with my original Apple Watch, it’s slow and lacks battery life. Despite the current problems I couldn’t live without it anymore. It is by far the fastest way to view notifications and you know immediately if it’s important or not.
I’m really used to have my Apple Watch as a sports companion. I’ve a select amount of songs on them so I can go running with my AirPods. After my workout all the information is send to the Activity app on the iPhone so i can examine the data later!


AirPods! They are very important for my daily commute to work when I use public transport. I can’t live without them anymore. The AirPods do not have the best music quality but they’re perfect for my usage. Siri became my personal assistant because of them!



Ofcourse every (smart)tv still needs something to make it (more) useful. For every television I’d choose at least the 4th gen of AppleTV. Only when one of my TV’s would be a 4K capable device, I would take the AppleTV 4K.

We don’t need to spend money if we can’t get the features out of it!


For a single speaker set-up the HomePod takes the win every time! It sounds amazing, can fill a room with good sounding music wherever you stand. On the other hand, what about a multi room/speaker set-up? Well at the time of writing SONOS is the king of the room. So for a full 100% complete set-up I should choose SONOS.

Glad that I’m patient enough for Apple to support multi room and stereo set-up with the HomePod. It’s smart (but could be smarter), sounds the best and even with one it fills the room with your favourite beats.

Software and services


For all this massive Apple Product usage the free 5GB iCloud storage wouldn’t do it for me. I’m now on the 50GB package but I estimate I’ll need 200GB in the future.

Apple Music

I’m already a heavy Apple Music user, can’t live without your music ready at any moment!

App store purchases

  • Final Cut Pro
  • Compressor
  • Goodnotes 4

Theoretical price tag³

  • iMac 27″ with 16GB and 512GB SSD: €2.729,00
  • Lacie D2 Thunderbolt 3 6TB: €419,00
  • iPhone X 256GB: €1.329,00
  • iPad Pro 10″ 256GB: €909,00
  • Apple Watch Series 3 42mm with GPS: €399,00
  • AirPods: €169,00
  • AppleTV 4th gen (2x): €159,00 x 2 = €318,00
  • HomePod (5x): €286,67 x 5 = €1.433,35 (does not exist in Europe, directly converted from USD to Euro: NOT ACCURATE)
  • Software (Final Cut Pro, Compressor and Goodnotes 4):  €329,99 + €54,99 + €8,99 = €393,97
  • Services (Apple Music and iCloud monthly): €9,99 + €2,99 = €12,98

TOTAL: €8.112,30

  • iMac 27″ with 16GB and 512GB SSD: $2,329.00
  • Lacie D2 Thunderbolt 3 6TB: $369.99
  • iPhone X 256GB: $1,149.00
  • iPad Pro 10″ 256GB: $799.00
  • Apple Watch Series 3 42mm with GPS: $359.00
  • AirPods: $159.00
  • AppleTV 4th gen (2x): $149.00 x 2 = $298.00
  • HomePod (5x): $349.00 x 5 = $1,745.00
  • Software (Final Cut Pro, Compressor and Goodnotes 4):  $299.99 + $49.99 + $7.99 = $357.97
  • Services (Apple Music and iCloud monthly): $9.99 + $2.99 = $12.98

TOTAL: $7,578.94



¹The possibility to add a sim cart to your device to enable mobile networking such as 3G and 4G.
²Portrait photo’s are possible on iPhone X, 8 plus and 7 plus because of the dual camera’s. On iPhone X and 8 plus you have the added functionality of portrait lighting; this let’s you change lighting of the photo after it’s taken. Portrait modus let’s you take a picture of a subject, a person mostly, and blur the background digitally and keeps the subject in focus.
³Estimation is only for fun; $ prices based on USA, € prices based on Belgium.


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