The future of Apple products through our eyes 🍏


We all know the tension before the start of a new Apple event. All sorts of questions go through our heads. Prior to the event, you have a series of leaks (which won’t be posted here, “no spoilers” policy) and wishes.

“What products would we like to see in the future from Apple?”, is the question we will answer today.



The future of the Mac can be seen in a lot of different ways. Personally I’d like to see a portable future. The Macbook Pro I currently own is amazing. But we all know that technology exist with more potential. Designed-by-Apple-in-California-2

I think about FaceID, a 4K display with HDR and almost no bezels. A decent FaceTime camera is not high in my priority list, but it’s 2018. Time to step up the game!

If I look at the iMac line-up I hope they keep on innovating around the displays. We know they are working on their own Apple Display. My expectation is high and they should bring that it to the iMac.

Like I stated before, transportation is key for me. How awesome would it be, just putting your Macbook on your desk, automatic wireless connection to the display which also has an external GPU build in. Yes, that is a big dream and impossible to achieve with current technology. So perfect for a “wish list”


As Frederik said, many people have different views on what makes the perfect Mac lineup. I think for 2018, Apple is going to focus more on the pro market. Apple updated the entire Mac lineup last year (except Mac mini and Pro) A line-up, mostly for the consumer/prosumer. Yes, there was also an iMac Pro, which I think gives us a glimpse at 2018. The way I see it, its more a 2018 model (introduced in 2017) and I don’t see them updating it a few months later at WWDC.new_2017_imac_pro_dark_grey_front

There are a few things Apple already told us. The new Apple Display and a modular Mac Pro. In 2017, Apple talked with a few journalists about how they realised they have made a Mac Pro (Star Wars model) that wasn’t really future ready. They screwed up, and admitted it. Which is a courageous move. Looking at you Phil!

All joking aside, Apple said they were building a new Mac Pro and a display to match. They of course, being Apple, didn’t give us a date so we actually don’t know if the Mac Pro + Display will be ready in 2018. The way Apple works several years on products, I actually don’t see them releasing it any time soon… But I could be wrong, and I would actually like being wrong about this. Let’s hope that’s the case!

UPDATE: While reviewing this text I’ve had the confirmation that the Mac Pro will be shipping in 2019, Apple told a reporter. He got to visit the lab where they are creating the Mac Pro.



The iPad line-up has some great features. It is, to my feel, almost perfect. What I really hope is an upgraded iPad (non pro), better camera, laminated screen with anti reflexion.

The iPad pro’s are ready for some extra’s to my opinion like a dual camera set-up. Apple is pushing AR technology and innovation so the camera’s might as well follow. And for the screen, dare I say OLED? It’d bring the iPad Pro to a whole new level.


iPad Pro’s are (almost) as good as they can get right now. Incredible speed, beautiful ipad-pro-family-blackdisplay and stunning industrial design. The biggest thing I want to see in the future is a separate iOS for the iPad Pro. The fact that the hardware is great is undeniable. The only thing that is holding a lot of people back is the software. A bright iPad Pro future is one where it keeps on getting new pro features and most important where there are absolutely NO bugs. I don’t want an OS with 100 new features if that means 1000 new bugs. I would rather have no new features at all and get twice the speeds and great battery life.

As for the ‘normal’ iPad, I would like to see the laminated display again, at the same (or even lower) price that the iPad is today. UPDATE: iPad with even lower price launched! Hooray!

If Apple commits to great software and keeps on innovating in hardware, I think the iPad will have a really bright future.



This is going to be a short wish. I don’t see any real future for the iPod. iPhones do exactly the same and a LOT more. Even an Apple Watch is a good replacement. It has internal storage, can be used independent from the iPhone, …

Short: No future, I’d like Apple to focus on improving other line-ups.


Apple killed it’s own iPod with the first iPhone. ‘Kill your darlings!’ Nicely done!

Apple Watch


It is hard to say anything about the Apple Watch. Like Vincent says, it is an amazing watch.

I agree with his statement about the battery. That’s it!


Apple Watch Series 3 is amazing. I really have no idea what Apple is going to do next with Apple Watch. The thing everyone can appreciate is even longer battery life. That is actually the only thing I think could be better.

There’s a beautiful display, blazing speed, millions of Watch Faces, Cellular and great battery life. What else do you want?




I hope they will continue developing the “all screen” or “bezel less” displays. The screen on the iPhone X looks incredible. To me it feels like the most beautiful OLED display on any smartphone. But even with that gorgeous color reproduction, the bright screen and great viewing angles we still have those bezels. But should they go? I think to thin could lead to unexpected touches and input. But it will look amazing, without doubt.

The same story continuous on the camera department. Apple knows how to develop a great smartphone camera. The only think that disappoints me is the Portrait mode. It still feels like a gimmick to me. They can do better, we all know, so… in the next iPhone line-up I hope they complete this technology.

A new feature introduced by Apple is FaceID, the 3D scanning facial recognition. It works good, reliable and speedy enough. A second gen of this technology with the possibility of a second face and an even faster sensor would complete it. I still wonder if a TouchID underneath the display paired with FaceID would be the best combination. I often want to unlock my iPhone when I’m not looking at the display, for example in a conversation.

And for the moment a real dream is the power of wireless charging in a whole room or area of effect. Not a pad to lay it on, but a radius around the charger. That would be the next step.


As for iPhone, we have already have a general idea of what the future iPhone might bring us. As Jony Ive said about the iPhone X. “This is the future of the iPhone.” I think that’s a bold statement. The iPhone X as tremendous hardware. Hardware that, if you ask me, can’t really be improved by much. Since it’s already so good. What I hope for the future of the iPhone is that Apple really listens to the costumers.

They’re going to have lots of powerful competitors and they need to stand out in an already to saturated market. Which is going to be incredibly difficult. But if there’s one company who I know will be able to do so, and that’s Apple.iphonex-front-back-glass

If we would talk feature wise, I hope they’ll improve lots of things. Faster and more reliable FaceID, much longer battery life, bigger displays and smaller bezels and to finish off a phone that knows ME best. I’ll go in a little more detail about the latter. For a long time, smartphones have been the same for everyone. But now we are seeing much more things like machine learning and artificial intelligence. Which means your phone could really be YOUR phone. You could have a phone dat that knows you best. Maybe you’re not the most punctual so your phone will alert you even earlier about a next appointment, or he knows you listen to the same playlist in the morning and automatically starts it when you get in the car. And since we do so much with our phone these days, I think it would be great if they got to know us a little better. Of course dealing with privacy, Apple’s (current) approach is the best one. Everything stays on YOUR device. The iPhone is the biggest business for Apple so they’re gonna have to have some very cool products to come.




The HomePod has 2 parts you need to look at separately.

  1. The sound
    What do I want from Apple in the future? Nothing more because it is already AMAZING
  2. The smart assistant
    Siri is not were it could be. The way it is integrated into the ecosystem is the best of all. The way it lacks in features is another story. I really hope that Siri becomes THE smart assistant. I use Siri a lot in my daily life already, but sometimes it bugs me that if doesn’t feel complete. An example of this: try calling someone from the HomePod! Siri will answer you with “Sorry, I can’t do this” (or with a similar reply).

Away from individual features Apple should make a “plus” version of the HomePod. One that really can fill a big open space with the amazing sound quality that it has.


You can say about Siri what you want. Call her dumb or call Apple dumb for putting herhomepod-white-shelf in the HomePod. But one thing you can’t say is that the HomePod isn’t a good speaker. Actually, the HomePod is a fantastic speaker. I think I can even say it is THE best smart speaker out there. But where can Apple take the HomePod next? Well, in speakers there’s always a fight for smallness of big booming sound. Apple found a way to pack big booming sound in a small speaker yes, but imagine what they could do with a HomePod that’s twice the size. A HomePod Plus. So you can put the normal size HomePod in small rooms, and maybe one or two Plus’ in your living room. I really think Apple is killing it with speakers. First AirPods and now HomePod. I can’t wait to see what Apple does next with speakers… Maybe some incredibly cool Apple Headphones…?



Simple: Apple Pay in Belgium! Make. It. Happen.


What Frederik said and I am adding: Quickly!

Oh, and please make Stainless Steal Apple Watches without cellular so we can buy them in Belgium as well, or make the cellular Watch available… wink wink.




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