Introducing our own wallpapers (and some more) 🍏


Everyone who loves technology equally has a love for quality in a finished product. A wallpaper plays an important part in achieving this ‘perfection’ in a finished product. It has the energy to stand out, draw attention and most important making your device whether it’s a laptop or a smartphone yours.

We here at notthefruit would like to share this passion for wallpapers to you guys. I have skimmed the internet for the best sources of quality wallpapers. The wallpaper are for most iDevices but you can use them for either device.

Find the links below.

notthefruit Collection (notthefruit)

The notthefruit team breaks down into Vincent, Frederik and Ming. In this collection we will compile our own personal pictures. Hope you enjoy our collection as much as the professional ones below.

Interfacelift (Interfacelift)

This is one of my absolute favorites. Non watermarked high quality imagery from professional photographers. If you are a sucker for gorgeous scene’s of nature and mountaintops and cityscapes. You will fall in love.

The website automatically formats your content to the format of your device.

Unsplash (Unsplash)

Great website for all kinds of imagery. All images are free and non watermarked. They have an awesome collection and also compatible for multiple devices.

AR7 ’s iPhone wallpaper collection (AR7)

AR7 is an Italian graphic designer who makes beautiful wallpapers for iPhone’s and other iDevices.


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