A part of being a fan of Apple is the world around the products. Think about the keynote, the packaging, their website, the introduction videos and the ads.

Let’s talk about that part of Apple today: Apple videos.Apple introductions

The way the products are shown off visually in combination with music and their features is clear, simple but above all, very mesmerising! They just grab your attention. You learn from them while seeing the device from its best angles (of course). Think about the iPhone X introduction; you see all the main features like FaceID and the beautiful OLED display, … They use those at the keynote for the first time but you can see them all over the internet later in reviews or advertisement but also on Youtube and the Apple website.

The short ads

These short, funny and catchy ads are outstanding. The visuals combined with music are most of the time around 20 to 40 seconds and show you a general overview about one of their new products or a single features. The recent ads about the HomePod are perfect examples about this. Those short videos just sell the product almost without effort just because of the way they are edited. A newer thing Apple since the iPhone 7 is 7-8 second video’s to very very quickly showcase the coolest new features.

The explaining videos

Another part of their content on youtube and the Apple website are the “how to” videos. They give you a sensation of what you can do with a product or feature. Short simple videos that lets us, the users, know what exactly we can expect and how we can do this ourselves. The video about editing Portrait Lighting effects is an example of this. But also the iPhone X guided tour is one that fits this category. The change from home button to gestures is way easier after watching this video.

Does this matter?

It’s not only their products that are beautiful and refined. The packaging is made from quality materials. The attention for detail is very high and this is clearly visible in their ads and videos as well. For enthousiasts, like me, they are fun and beautiful. They show you what a product is all about in an attractive way. I just love them. Maybe you’ll love them too.