The Apple Ecosystem

Apple makes fantastic products, but everything around it makes the whole experience even more immersive. You don’t just “use” Apple products, you live with them. There is a difference between having one Apple product and using the Apple ecosystem.

Why Apple?

In the world of technology everybody has his/her own opinion. I’m not here to say which is a better/best choice but simply explaining why I chose Apple. I had never used any Apple device until I was 16 and since then I never regretted my decision. And this brings us to the core of this article, the Apple Ecosystem.

The interaction

A big part of the Ecosystem is usability and peace of mind. The way all our different devices interacts with each other makes it an almost perfect experience. The base of the system are Apples iCloud services and Apple ID. These make the connection between the devices possible. This results in iMessages and Photos being available on every device you own.

Daily usage

This ecosystem makes Apple a perfect life-companion. Siri can help you at any time, at any given moment! Forgot your phone? No problem, Siri on the Apple Watch Series 3 with Cellular will help you out. On your Mac? Siri is a button press away. But it doesn’t stop there.

With the astonishing camera in the iPhone, you’ll probably make a lot of photos while on vacation. When you arrive back in your hotel it will upload those photos to the cloud and all the other devices (like you Mac) will download them. No need to stress, it’s easy and automatic. And in worst case scenarios, if your iPhone or Mac crashes, all your info is stored safe in iCloud.

Airpods, yes we can’t ignore them in this story at all! The are a perfect example how Apple manages to make their products work together seamlessly. You connect your Airpods only once. Yes, just once! They are connected to your Apple ID from that point on. This means that every device that has your account linked to it will be able to connect with your Airpods just by opening them and selecting them in your Bluetooth settings.

These are just a few examples but there is much more! Think about iCloud back ups, Handoff between Mac and iPhone, Airdrop, Calendar synchronisation, iTunes/Apple Music, purchases in the App Store, Activity and the Apple Watch, …


As I stated before, I am not an all time Apple user. But now I am! And the reason is the ecosystem. I have an Apple Watch, iPhone, Airpods and a Macbook Pro. Everything is available on every device, fast and secure. I don’t have to worry I’ll miss any messages because iMessage sends it to my Watch and Macbook. I won’t forget any planned appointments because at any moment in time, i’ll be accompanied with one of my Apple products. I can’t imagine living without all this.

For me, I didn’t choose an iPhone just because it’s an awesome smartphone, but for all the benefits around it, together with my other products. I agree that there are many great manufactures and each of them have good products. But none of them would give you the same, immersive experience. I chose for Apple as a whole package, not just for one product.