My Original 2015 Apple Watch in 2017🍏


Watch Series 3.

Apple released the best and fastest Watch this year. The Watch Series 3. They’ve added a feature this year that they wanted to add since the beginning. Cellular. So now you can use your Watch all the time, even when your iPhone is not around. You can easily distinguish the Series 3 because, as you might have noticed, it has a red dot on the digital crown. But if you look closer you’ll also notice it is about 1,5mm thicker. Which is huge. A huge engineering accomplishment for building in all the cellular features and a faster processor, without actually making it a lot bigger. Apple started selling much more Watches since the Series 2 but the Series 3 has taken that number up even more.

But what about the people who bought the original Watch? I’ve had mine since July 2015. It wasn’t even available in Belgium when I bought it. I found a way to buy it in Germany a few months earlier. Since then, because of the speed enhancements in the Series 2 and 3, my Original Watch has been slow AF. So slow I don’t really use it that often anymore… Which makes me kinda sad. I really loved my Watch when I got it. I still love the Watch in general, just not my original. To put this in some context, I’ll make a short graph of when the Watches got introduced.

notthefruit Apple watch chart.001

When the Series 1 & 2 were introduced Apple dropped the Series 0. Later when they introduced the Series 3, Apple dropped the Series 2 but kept on selling the Series 1. The Series 1 is the only Watch to still be sold in a second cycle.

It’s crazy to think that an Apple product that’s two years old can feel so slow. To my experience, typical Apple products last much longer than two years. Of course, a lot of this is software. Apple fixed the speed with watchOS 2 and kept on improving the speed with the next updates. They also admitted some of the UI designs where wrong. When the second watchOS was introduced, it almost felt like a new Watch to me. But, when the newer Watches came around, the Series 0 got less and less optimisations. I’ll give you an example.

When you use your Watch as a remote to skip the music that is playing on your iPhone. 

Series 3: The second you push the skip button is the second where the music changes. The display changes instantly to the next song as well.

Series 0: A good 2-3 second after you press the button, the music actually changes. And then after another 2 seconds, the display also displays the proper song.

The Watch Series 3 does have a much faster processor. One that also allows Siri to talk back. Something that previous Watches couldn’t do. But, since Apple was able to improve so much in software with the first Watch, should they do it again for all the people who have an Original Watches like me? I personally think they should. If you bought an iPhone 6s Plus 2 years ago, right now that is definitely not a slow iPhone. The same goes for a Mac. If you’re the owner of a 2015 MacBook Pro, it is everything but slow. So why would the Watch be any different?

This raises a question. Did Apple announce the Apple Watch before it was ready? I think not. I think Apple did everything they could to make this Watch as good as it can be. I also have no doubt about the testing that Apple puts it’s devices trough. But it could not be that Apple tested the Original Watch in in this state and thought it was good. That’s hard to believe.

Right now I am thinking of buying a Series 3, although it feels to soon to upgrade to a new one because of speed issues. I bought a new Mac after 6 years because it wasn’t fast enough. I was thinking about having the Watch for at least 3-4 years. Unless Apple spends more time on their latest software to optimise for the users of an older Watch. If they don’t, I am buying myself a new one. Even if I actually don’t want to. I just love the Watch in general. I love it just enough to get a new one even if I don’t agree.


Apple Watch Series 0 owners! Are you having the same problems? If so, what are your solutions? Let me know!