iPhone X waiting lines?


Apple released a statement yesterday about the iPhone X pre-orders. Talking about all the new and latest features and where and when to order. They also said this:

“Stores will have iPhone X available for walk-in customers, who are encouraged to arrive early.”

Now, that’s very interesting…. With all the fuzz about the production of the new iPhone, they are now stating they’re going to have ‘enough’ supply on day one, even for walk-in costumers! WHAT, WHY, HOW?! So If you want some extra chance to get an iPhone X, go to an Apple Store and wait, you might even be lucky to get your hands on one. As for Premium Resellers and other stores who sell iPhones, no idea if they will have iPhone X in store at launch for walk-in costumers. Well have to wait and see!

The iPhone X will be available November 3 and pre-orders start the 27th.


Respond to iPhone X waiting lines?

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