REVIEW: Bose Soundlink Revolve


Bose has had a lot of cool products lately, the newest addition to their family is the Bose Revolve and Revolve+. A cool, ‘thermos’ shaped speaker. The main difference between the smaller Revolve and the bigger Revolve+ model is the lack of a handle and a little bit less bass on the smaller one. But the overall design and feel of these brothers is the same.

When Bose released these speakers a few months ago, I thought finally. The Soundlink mini was a great speaker for it’s size. But the only problem I had with it was that it didn’t feature a design that was made for 360* audio. You couldn’t put the Soundlink Mini in the middle of the room, you had to place it in a corner or if you placed it in the middle of the room the people on the back side of the speaker didn’t get any audio. The Revolve series solves this issue while adding some cool stuff.

I’ll start with the colours first. You can chose between a black aluminium or a normal, anodised aluminium finish.


I chose the black Bose Revolve+. Why? Because this black finish is badass thats why! Of course it’s Bose so the prices are on the high side. The Plus costs 329.95 and the small Revolve is priced at €229.95 . Now lets dive a little deeper into what they feel and sound like.


Looks and feel are important for a portable bluetooth speaker. But a cool looking bluetooth speaker that sounds like a potato isn’t really what people are looking for so sound is really important. In a market where there are 100’s of portable bluetooth speakers, the sound is the factor that sets them apart. To be frank, the first time I heard the Revolve I was a tiny bit disappointed. Afterwards when I heard the Revolve+ I immediately knew I liked him more than his smaller brother. The smaller brother lacks bass and gets a little sharp in the highs, especially if you turn the volume up. While mr. +IMG_1248 has a much better base -not great but certainly better- and goos louder as well. After I had it for a few days and tested it with all types of music from Jazz to hip hop and soundtracks, I really began to like my Revolve+. The only thing where it completely crumbles is at the highest volume. Which is something I only did once, just to test it. These days speakers are ‘tested’ at the highest volume possible. Young people seem to just want loud music than good sounding music. If thats what you want, you won’t like this speaker. I guaranty you. For people who like music, podcasts or using it as a speaker to watch Netflix or HBO at a medium level, I would definitely recommend this speaker. One thing to note as well, you can also use the headphone jack in the back to play audio with the Revolve. So older devices with bad or no bluetooth can also be used to play music.


As for design. I can simply say one thing, it’s Bose. They’ve done a good job in designing this speaker. I like the solid aluminium build paired with the ‘rubber like’ top and bottom. The Revolve+ also has this handle that you can use to move it around. The solid aluminium build not only makes it beautiful, it also means it can withstand a small drop. Next to drop proof, it’s also splash proof. That means you can use it by the pool, but definitely not drop it in the pool. Some splashes or rain should be fine, although you shouldn’t dunk them underwater. The Revolve also houses a microphone so if you want, you can use it to make phone calls or acces Siri. The button lay out is quite simple.


The small Revolve gets battery life of up to 12 hours and his bigger brother gets about 16 hours of music listening. I personally hit about 14 hours maximum with my Plus. Of course, when you really use the speaker you probably won’t listen to it for 16 hours in a row so I get about 5 days of casual listening with the speaker. For me that says more than an amount in hours 😉 Charging is done with an included micro USB cable. Although I’d liked USB C more, micro USB is fine.

Optional accessory: Charging cradle

The only thing I thought was strange about this product is they didn’t include the dock in the box… Bose offers an optional charging cradle for the Revolve.

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 8.19.15 AMOnly it’s an extra €29,95. The dock itself is quite good, made of aluminium and very easy to just put your speaker on it and charge. I have mine sitting in my desk so when I need to charge I can just place it on the cradle. I wish the cradle had USB C but sadly we still get micro USB. I really like this dock, only letting your costumers pay for an extra accessory that could easily be in the box seems a little bit far fetched. Good decision for selling more though😉


Final verdict 

I would recommend this Bose Revolve to everyone who likes to listen to music, movies and podcasts and wanted to take their audio to a higher level than just their smartphone or computers speaker. Although my personal preference goes to the Revolve+ with the better sounding bass and bigger battery. If you are looking for a speaker to play at the highest volume all the time, look somewhere else. Give these little guys a chance, and I think you might love them as much as I do.




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