Why I hate iPhone 8 rumours… 📱🙄

I love surprises. I love getting a gift, holding it and not yet knowing what it is. My favourite part is when I actually open them. Remember when you were little? When you would ran downstairs to see what gifts you got. Or when it was your birthday and you saw the stack of gifts on the table that you could not wait to open. Apple product releases used to be like that. Used to be…

Of course if you searched iPhone or iPad releases in that time, you would’ve found some of the new features but certainly not all. To me it seems like nowadays I can’t even NOT read them. They are everywhere. Why do I hate them so much? It’s because every time you read one of them, a small piece of magic floats away. I love the Apple keynotes most when they announce something I don’t know yet, like the iMac Pro at WWDC. No one saw that coming and when they introduced it with a cool video I felt pure joy like a young schoolboy. I think/hope I am not alone! If surprises happen, usually it’s a cool Keynote, but if the rumours said it all in advance, all the reviewers are like: “Nothing new was announced, bla bla bla.” OF COURSE NOTHING NEW WAS ANNOUNCED IF YOU F*&@%*# POST ALL THE NEW FEATURES ONLINE MONTHS BEFORE THE RELEASE!?  🙄 Don’t worry, my caps lock button isn’t broken. This just makes me really mad, as a fan.  I don’t want to know all these features before the product is finished or even announced. Apple doubled down on secrecy, but it just can’t seem to keep up with the amount of attention they get from the media. I am the only one having this issue or do more people feel like me? Like and comment to let me know!

notthefruit iPhone 8 NO.001


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